Northern Lights

2013 May 1, Wednesday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

I knit these entrelac leg warmers for Tanya for her birthday. The yarn is a lovely shimmery black-and-teal, and I paired it was another teal yarn. It reminded me of the northern lights.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Aug 3 · 8:42PM

Yarn Pillow

2013 March 3, Sunday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

Ander is “helping” me knit Chris’s new sweater.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Jul 30 · 10:20PM

Sweet Crafty Ruby

2013 January 31, Thursday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

Ruby has been having a great time crafting lately, she’s been getting better at origami and fold all kinds of sweet things for everyone. She also finished this little scarf, from a loom-knitting kit that grandma Wendy gave her for her birthday.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Jul 30 · 9:55PM

Neck Warmer

2013 January 23, Wednesday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

I knit this little neckwarmer as a last minute gift. I used the My So Called Scarf pattern as a base, and used seed stitch on the edges (same number of stitches as the body) which ended up ruffling nicely because of how the stitch pattern in the body contracts the fabric.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Jul 30 · 8:35PM


2012 November 27, Tuesday · California, USA

So I knit these originally a long time ago, and was very happy with them at first, but then they started slipping and slouching. I really didn’t want it to be a wasted effort (and I love the yarn), so I took out the foot and knit 4 more tiers of entrelac with 1 less stitch per block. It pulled in the ankle nicely, and voila, leg warmers!

⁓ Katy · 2013 Feb 2 · 11:20PM

Sideways Grande Cloche

2012 November 27, Tuesday · Novato, California

Being at the totally amazing location of the Marin County Civic Center, I had get special pictures of everything I’d knit that I had with me. This one had been photographed before, but I felt like this needed another try, it’s hard for a person to be model and stylist at the same time.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Feb 14 · 9:34AM