Drippy Morning

2013 August 25, Sunday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

This was the first real-Portland-feeling morning we’ve had in a while. Fresh, misty air and actual rain! It reminded us about the other side of Portland’s seasons that we also love.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Aug 25 · 7:42PM

Ruby’s book

2013 June 16, Sunday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

The glamorous and grimy Ruby is showing me how much of her book she has written.

⁓ Chris · 2013 Aug 29 · 1:50PM

Fathers Day!

2013 June 16, Sunday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

Asked for some Fathers Day photos. Was not disappointed.

⁓ Chris · 2013 Jun 16 · 8:18PM

Spring Walk by the Willamette

2013 May 18, Saturday · Portland, Oregon

We went on a weekend school hike, but went to the end of the hike first, so we were hiking by ourselves for the first part of the hike. We were delighted to find deer and ducks, and would have loved the tadpool pond, but we had to skip the pond in order to catch the group. Ruby rescued the ducklings, too!

⁓ Katy · 2013 Nov 18 · 9:58PM

Easter Hunt

2013 March 31, Sunday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

We had a little egg hunt in the garden this year (normally we have it inside, but it was warm enough outside this year!) Yes, most of the pictures are of Apl making crazy faces; she’s been doing this a lot lately, and it’s quite mesmerizing.

⁓ Katy · 2013 Jun 3 · 9:29PM

Mardi Gras – Carnevale

2013 February 12, Tuesday · Casa Verde, Portland, Oregon

Mardi Gras, Carnevale, whatever … any excuse to dress up and dance!

⁓ Katy · 2013 Mar 10 · 1:32PM