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Chord Gear

Check out my Chord Gear! Originally, I made a physical version of it with my laser cutter, and wrote about what it is and how to use it. But making an online version scales much better, and allows for some cool stuff not possible in a physical object. I can't live without this thing!

Chord Clouds

I created this page to answer questions around which notes/chords are in which keys/modes. Along the way, I learned some cool things! For example, did you know that Asus2 and Esus4 have the same notes? Or C6 and Am7? Or that Gmaj7 is like a G chord and a Bm chord played at the same time? What else do you notice on that page? (Note: because you drag and drop the clouds, this doesn't work on mobile.)

Modes Chart

I made this chart because I had questions about the diatonic modes. For example, which notes and chords are shared between the different modes? Which modes are most similar to each other? (They are often shown in an order that hides these similarities.) Also, I know there's no such thing as flat Lydian, but I'm just saying: look at how similar F Locrian is to E Lydian! There's something there.